Tuesday, November 17, 2009

UP & Star Trek

I rented two movies today and have to say I would recommend seeing both. One is a definate "buy it"! The first I will speak of is the UP

You pretty much know if it says Pixar it is going to be exceptional. The just keep coming up with great storylines that are so touching, even to someone as sarcastic & callas as myself, that you can’t help but get enthralled with it.

This movie was so sweet and sad that I watched it a second time today so Tricia could see it. Not really knowing anything on the story of this movie in advance due to an exceptional job of the studio not giving away hardly any information thru the trailers. I get sick when I see a movie trailer and then know the whole story, or they give away key elements or plot twists… Quit that! I'm not going to go into any more details on this movie, just see it.

Skip rental on this one and just go ahead and buy it, especially if you have kids or grandkids.

The second movie was the new Star Trek flick.

I must first say that I am not a big Star Trek fan, I’m not really even a small Start Trek fan. (As I’m typing this Return of the Jedi is playing on my plasma screen) I hated the original TV series (other than for a joke) & the first movie sucked (pretty much because it was like a big screen version of the TV series). As the movies progressed they got better and better, partially due to better storyline and mostly due to larger budget and much better special effects. The Next Generation TV show I actually enjoyed (great visuals for a TV show!). The problem I had when that storyline moved to the big screen was the same issue as the first movie… it was like paying money to go to the theatre to see the exact same thing I was watching on TV for free! That is when I started to lose interest in that series. I saw a few episodes of Deep Space Nine and it wasn’t bad, but I never really got into any of the other series.

I watched this new version of Star Trek and was very impressed. The movie had a great story line and good flow. The special features quickly pointed out that they “broke the rules” and looked at the Star Wars movies because they wanted that type of pace to this film. (Yes, I’m still grinning at that one… go ahead, try to wipe the smile off my face)

Anyway, it really worked and they made the best Star Trek ever! I mean it, better than any big or small screen version/episode I have seen. I liked how they got around the pesky difficulties Lucas had to deal with when making his prequels… Don’t want to have to worry about pissing off some fan because your new movie doesn’t match all the other films, books, lore and whatever other fake reality (remember, this is FICTION people) someone has dreamed up for it? Create an event that alters the course of time and the future! Hey, if they can do a mind meld they can do that.

Another enjoyable feature of the film was the great choice of cast to play each role. They did an outstanding job with the characters fitting the original cast that hit it’s summit at the end of the film (very rare) with a perfect Bill Schatner entry, walk, talk & attitude.

The role of Spok was played well and the relationship build between he and Kirk was entertaining.

It was enjoyable to still be able to go, “The one in red is not going to make it”

and hear the famous lines that you just grow accustom to hearing in a Star Trek flick. I think there was enough in this film to please both the die hard Trekkie as well as the non fans. Seriously, everyone should see this… If nothing else, it’s just a great action movie.

Plus, this film made green chicks hot again!

If you are a Star Trek fan you may want to add this to your collection, otherwise I would suggest renting it.

Enough of that… back to watching Star Wars.

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