Thursday, December 29, 2011


Ok, I 'm trying this blogger app for the tablet in hopes that it will lead to more (and more regular) posts out of myself. I am using this post as a test run. I am trying this without any real HTML code, so hopefully the spacing & line breaks are correct. If this works out I will be singing the praises of the Bloggeroid app :)

But this post is really supposed to be about tablets. Before the holiday season got to full swing a friend of mine posted to Facebook a question as to if they should get a Nook or a Kindle. My response to his question was "neither". My opinion was, and still is, that you would be better off getting an Android tablet.

Before anyone starts throwing an Apple _tizzy fit_... the iPad was not in consideration in this case. I personally like the iPad, but there are both pros & cons when compairing to an Android tablet and a big one is price point.

Back to the point, I can't suggest to someone that thet should spend as much, or more, on an Ereader or a dedicated tablet (such as the 7" Kindle Fire) when they could purchase a 10" Android tablet and download the free Nook and/or Kindle apps. You are not limited on service for Ebooks and you have a broader range of applications beyond an Ereader.

If anyone else has an opinion, please comment... especially if it differs from mine (maybe I will learn something!)