Saturday, August 4, 2012

On the whole Chick-Fil-A thing...

It really isn't about Chick-Fil-A at all, that has just become the catalyst for the culture war to jump into the light... This has got to happen in a natural progression. Just as other forms of bigotry have been defeated in the past, part of the process is it being pushed into the mainstream and no longer simply whispered about. We just live in an information overload age compaired to when we were talking of women's rights or the rights of blacks, for example. This event is basically drawing the lines out in public... showing who is supporting the freedoms & rights for all, and who is supporting restriction of rights & freedoms for some. As it was said so well the other day, "Thank you C.F.A. for pointing out who the bigots are".

Everyone has the right to believe anything they want... but if your beliefs are bigoted (such as believing another person is "less than you", "second class", "undeserving of the same rights or privelages", "missing something", "of less morals", or in any other way "bad" based on sex, race, nationality, sexual orientation, or any other accident of birth), then they are deserving of criticism and certainly not of respect.

I totally support the rights of Chick-Fil-A, and it's owners, to believe any way they wish and to run their business any way they wish. I also support the rights of their opponents to challenge, criticize, protest, and to opt not to spend their money there.

Here is my favorite picture that I have seen on the subject
It is of a straight man, named Tim who fathers two boys in the "bible belt", who took his sons to the National Same Sex Kissing Day at Chick-Fil-A protest. His caption was simple "Me and my boys! I want a better world for them." What I found great was that he was not only teaching his boys a lesson about equality, rights, and freedoms but he was also doing it to give them a better perspective about bullying! I think that point needs to be made since there are many people using bullying tactics trying to stop the free speech of those that would oppose them... Good job on you, Tim, for showing the world how to do parenting RIGHT!

As far as my personal experience with the chicken place goes.... Some years back I tried Chick-Fil-A. I wasn't that impressed with the food... the waffle fries were "good". I noticed they were closed on Sundays and in doing my research to find out why I noticed that they not only position themselves as a fast food restaurant, but also a christian organization. I try not to support any religious organization with my money, so I didn't go back... the waffle fries weren't that "good".

Bottom Line:

If your religion supports, promotes, or appologizes for bigotry... I would suggest you take a good hard look at why you believe in such a religion.

~John V.


  1. That's a pretty handsome guy with two equally handsome boys, and probably a really sexy person holding the camera ;)

    awesome write-up, John, it was a treat for me and my boys. Even if we were the only ones at that chick-fil-a. It really feels good to he able to help out a good cause.